I’m an advocate for a healthy urban forest and a tree care consultant certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.

I’m available for consulting work on tree selection and care, landscape design with trees, fruit tree planting and care, community orchard design and pruning, and more. I also write and lecture on tree care and the value of the urban forest.

I’m also Executive Director of Tree City Canada Association, an ecological engagement group that “helps people and trees grow together” in the Vancouver area.

Most recently we teamed with the Environmental Youth Alliance in partnership with the City of Vancouver to support residential tree planting and urban forest education. The city wants to add 150,000 trees by 2020. That’s an ambitious target that can’t be met with street and park trees alone. With 62% of the urban forest canopy on private land, residents must be engaged to help. With the city and the citizenry working together, we can grow a healthy urban forest for all. That’s what led us to create the TreeKeepers program which in just 2.5 years supported residents in planting nearly 9,000 trees.

My latest publication Vancouver Tree Book is a Living City Field Guide which encourages readers to go outside to appreciate our world class urban forest. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk anywhere in the city and feel you’re among friends because you know, by name, the largest, oldest, most beautiful and most environmentally benevolent organisms there?