I feel honoured whenever I get asked to deliver a keynote speech or public presentation. Time is precious these days, so I know I need to be on my game for anyone spending some of it listening to me.

I’ve been asked to address audiences across Canada, in the U.S., Europe and Asia. My talks are often related to the books I’ve written which help people reconnect with nature.

I speak often for garden clubs, community groups and urban planners interested in ecological engagement, organic food, community gardens, environmental design, food democracy and urban forestry.

I’ve been fortunate to address audiences of all types, and try to keep my presentations informative and interesting. I think my message is fairly clear but I always try to deliver it in ways each audience will best be able to absorb. I even spoke several times to civil society groups during the United Nations COP10 Convention on Biodiversity in Nagoya using my dubious Japanese – proof that the locals are a patient people.

I’ve addressed the Canadian Urban Forestry Conference, the BC Recreation and Parks Association, the International Plant Propagators Society, the British Columbia Nurses Union, the BC Society of Landscape Architects and many others. Maybe your group or convention or staff would appreciate an inspiring message about saving the planet by rediscovering our affinity for nature? Click here to ask about booking me for an event.

A sample of topics I’m enthusiastic to share:

  • E2 – Engaged Ecology
  • Environmental design
  • Urban agriculture
  • Food democracy
  • Organic gardening
  • Urban forestry
  • Tree love
  • Guerrilla gardening
  • Fruit tree selection and care
  • Media awareness
  • Write your life
  • Battling writer’s block