Trees Rule in the Bookstores

Trees make the city greener and people happier. Or the readers among them at least.

The two top bestsellers for BC in 2016 were both about trees. Vancouver Tree Book come in second with only another book on the same topic beating it to the finish line.

I suppose now would be a good place to apologize to all my tree friends for the paper. Sorry buds. If it was wrong to write a tree-friendly book made out of trees, I stand guilty. The only thing I’ll say by way of explanation is that the paper I chose was Forest Stewardship Council certified. That means it came from trees grown like crops rather than old growth venerables. So we’re good here, right?

David TraceyTrees Rule in the Bookstores
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Vancouver Tree Book hits #1 on BC Bestsellers List!

Apparently there are more tree geeks out there than even I had hoped.

Vancouver Tree Book has hit #1 on the Association of Book Publishers of BC Bestsellers list.

Bestselling Books of BC List from Association of Book Publishers of BC

Bestselling Books of BC List from Association of Book Publishers of BC

David TraceyVancouver Tree Book hits #1 on BC Bestsellers List!
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Vancouver Sun Review of Vancouver Tree Book

Van Sun Review 13Apr2016

Steve Whysall from the Vancouver Sun took the time to sit down for a chat about my new book. I thought we had a really positive chat. We talked like any two plant people do when they get to geek out a bit on their favourite topic, but also went into the bigger ideas behind the book involving getting people to look and learn about the trees in their urban environment as the first step towards saving them. But you never know until the print hits the pavement how you came across. Fortunately, I think Steve was spot on in taking a wide angle look at not just the book but the motivation that led to it. Throughout the whole writing/shooting/production slog of getting this book done I tried to counsel myself with the notion that even thought it would never make economic sense, it might lead at least one person to see trees and the city differently. Thanks to the Vancouver Sun, read by many more people than will ever see the book, the idea is now out there and anyone who has an inclination to shift their gaze upwards to the canopy now knows where to go.

David TraceyVancouver Sun Review of Vancouver Tree Book
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CBC Early Edition Interview

rick-cluff (1)CBC’s Early Edition with Rick Cluff asked me in to the studio to talk about the urban forest and upcoming Tree Week events. And he was kind enough to give a prop to Vancouver Tree Book, calling it a “terrific little handbook to keep in your pocket when you’re walking around looking up.”

Click the blue bar to hear the interview (no download necessary).

David TraceyCBC Early Edition Interview
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