More hotcakes anyone?

Much as it goes against my humble nature, I feel obliged to point out that Vancouver Tree Book is the #1 Bestselling Book in BC again this week. If my math is correct that makes four weeks in a row.

And it would confirm what I’ve heard from retailers, three of whom actually used the term “selling like hotcakes.” We must be short on phrases to depict items enjoying robust sales because all three went straight to the hotcakes. And each time I had to think, who buys pancakes anymore?

Anyway thanks to all the tree aficionados out there who have made the book popular.

Big shout out to those who have been kind enough to not only buy but then comment on the book in emails, texts and personal conversations. Writing can be a long and grim haul with very little to show for it, in my experience, so your generosity means a lot. It’s particularly gratifying to hear stories of people discovering trees and the urban forest we happen to live in with the book in hand. Keep looking up!


BC Bestseller List 28May2016

David TraceyMore hotcakes anyone?
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