Vancouver Tree Book – Ebook


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*News Flash: Vancouver Tree Book reached #1 on the BC Bestselling Books List!*

Vancouver Tree Book is a Living City Field Guide inspiring readers to get outside to explore one of the world’s great urban forests.

Trees tell the story of a city. Some of the largest specimens ever seen on Earth grew right here. The old growth forest is mostly gone (see inside for where to find the rare survivors) but replacing it is an urban forest like Vancouver itself — young, vigorous and eclectic, far from perfect but on the edge of something the whole world can admire.

Vancouver Tree Book features in-depth profiles of more than 100 trees and nearly 100 additional descriptions of related species and cultivars. More than 450 colour images, together with stories from First Nations traditions to modern arboriculture techniques, explain the quiet giants that shape the city. Tree Tour maps of 10 locations encourage urban adventuring using trees as local guides.

Written for all levels from beginners to professional arborists, Vancouver Tree Book aims to raise awareness of the most important plants that support our ecosystem.

Learn to identify the trees in your urban forest and you’ll be among friends wherever you go.